Interagency Working Group on Research for Farming of Seaweeds and Seagrasses

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Congressional Appropriation Bill FY2019 SEC. 770. called for a:


This working group, chaired by the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service and operating in partnership with the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, will develop a report that identifies gaps in research related to the capacity for seaweeds and seagrasses to de-acidify the oceans and opportunities to use farmed seaweeds and seagrasses as feedstock for other commercial uses.

Our goals:

  • Convene virtual stakeholder meetings where attendees provide feedback and updates on local seagrass and seaweed aquaculture projects and research needs
  • Compile elicited feedback from stakeholders to guide the drafting of the report to Congress
  • Administer three $100K awards for pilot-scale research related to appropriations bill guidelines
  • Assist preparation of final report and other printed outputs

Request for Proposals

Three $100,000 awards will be granted to academic institutions or research nonprofits leading new research endeavors aimed to (1) deacidify ocean environments, (2) produce feedstock for agriculture applications, OR (3) develop other scalable applications for seaweed, seagrasses, or products derived from them.

To apply:

Go to the login page and click Create New Account to set up a new account.

All applicant eligibility and application requirements can be found on the application homepage.

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2022 5PM ET

For more information, please email Nichole Price and Charlotte Quigley at

Photo Credit: Brittney Honisch