BLOOM Educators Program

Professional Development for Maine Educators

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is expanding the reach of the Keller BLOOM Program by offering professional development workshops for Maine middle and high school science teachers interested in collaborating with Bigelow Laboratory scientists to enhance ocean science education in the state. These four-day summer workshops, led by Dr. David Fields and Dr. Nicole Poulton, provide teachers with training, tools and hands-on research experience so that they are better equipped to teach ocean science in their classrooms.

Educators attending a workshop learn how to teach fundamentals of ocean science in a local and global context. Topics covered include the history of oceanography, the ocean’s biological pump, primary productivity and climate change.

Participants spend a day in the field on a research cruise, attend seminars by Bigelow scientists and engage in hands-on laboratory learning activities. All attendees receive curriculum materials, aquatic field sampling and laboratory equipment, and follow-up academic year support, as well as 3 Continuing Education Units. Housing near the Lab, a transportation reimbursement and most meals are provided.

Workshop Feedback

Professional development class outside on dock.  Boat in the background.

Teacher Research Cruise

"Thank you for one of the best science professional development (PD) activities I've had in a long time. Everyone was interesting and enthusiastic about their research. Everything was well organized. It was PD done WITH us, not just given TO us, and it includes an on-going piece which is very important for the program's success. With much appreciation, thank you!"

"One of my favorite workshops as it provided time to interact with scientists regarding subject matter understanding and authentic scientific work."

"The day out on the boat, collecting data and then analyzing it back at the lab were excellent -- we were given the opportunity to do the science ourselves (practice and learn), which in turn will make it more transferable to our students."

2023 Workshop: August 8-11

The 2023, "Exploring Oceanography" Professional Development Workshop will take place from August 8-11 (4 days) at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. Participation is for all MAINE high school, middle school, and informal science teachers. Registration is required. Housing near the Lab, a transportation reimbursement, and most meals are provided. Teachers have the option to arrive on campus on Monday, August 7th.

TO REGISTER, please complete the following form. The number of workshop participants is limited to 10 teachers; all additional registrants will be placed on a waiting list.

Proof of COVID vaccination will be required to participate in the program.

For more information, please email