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Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is a nonprofit research institute that studies the marine life and ocean processes that drive life on Earth. Most of the organisms we study are microscopic in size, but they have an enormous influence on the health of our oceans and our planet.

We conduct research in every ocean, from the surface to the sediment. Our discoveries solve ocean mysteries and fuel new applications that target the biggest challenges and opportunities of the sea.

Our Scientists are Here to Help

Below are some of our recent press releases and publications. Our scientists are available for interviews on all the topics covered here and many other ocean issues. For the fastest response, we suggest all media inquiries start with our Chief Communications Officer, Steven Profaizer. He will help connect you with the most relevant scientists not currently working in the field.

If you prefer to contact our scientists directly, please copy Steven, as he can still help ensure we deliver the most helpful and timely support for your story.

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Latest Publications

In addition to the regular news stories that we share each month, we produce several print and electronic publications throughout the year. Our biannual magazine features in-depth coverage of the latest happening in our ocean research around the globe, and our Impact Report shares an annual snapshot of the impact we have had through the help of our generous supporters.

Recent Press Releases

$10 Million Announced to Support Algae-Feed Research for U.S. Dairy
A new $10 million grant will bolster research into algae-based feed supplements that could increase environmental sustainability in the dairy industry while improving milk production.

Bigelow Laboratory Nears 100 Percent Solar Power
Bigelow Laboratory is now powered by more than 90 percent renewable energy following the recent construction of a local solar garden, making a leap forward in our green initiatives.

New Approach Opens a Window Into Life Below the Seafloor
Scientists from Bigelow Laboratory pioneered research in the crustal rock under the Atlantic that could open new windows into our understanding of how life survives deep under the sea – or in space.

Research into Cattle Methane Solutions Bolstered by $5 Million Grant
A new $5 million grant will support Bigelow Laboratory scientists’ research to reduce methane emissions from cattle using an algae-based feed supplement.

Tiny Organisms Shed Big Light on Ocean Nutrients
Sweeping changes in marine nutrients may seem to be a likely consequence of increasing global temperatures; however, new research suggests that processes below the ocean surface could play a larger role than previously thought.