microscopic organisms

Our Impact

We are dedicated to excellence in ocean research and believe in its power to better our planet and our society. The research we conduct is vital and urgent. It allows us to reveal truths, address challenges, and unlock opportunities through three major outcomes.

School of fish swimminng underwater.


Our science is revealing the life and processes that power the entire ocean. While the sea covers most of the Earth, much about it remains a mystery. Through research that spans the globe and integrates diverse scientific disciplines, we use groundbreaking techniques to reveal the full splendor of the sea. What we learn is vital to understanding how our society can care for — and benefit from — the ocean that has given life to this planet and continues to sustain it.

Three scientists unloading seaweed from a boat.


The ocean is a trove of potential solutions to many of the world’s challenges. More than 90 percent of marine life cannot be seen without a microscope, and emerging scientific technologies are only beginning to illuminate the full magnitude of this resource. We are always searching for ways our science can create valuable tools, spur economic growth, and improve environmental health. The incredible promise of this ocean innovation is the source of our passion and our optimism.

Scientist showingn two students an experiment


The future of our ocean, and our planet, will be decided by the actions of people. Our immersive education programs open minds and launch careers. Our artistic partnerships, science communications, and public events share the importance of all we are learning. Our engagement with business and government leaders fosters innovation and informs decisions. Science can reveal opportunities, but it must also inspire people to embrace them.