To Our Community: A Message About Racism


George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, many other names we know, countless we don't – this country has failed black people. The recent murders are a heartbreaking reminder of that truth.

Racial bias is woven into our schools, businesses, and justice systems. This systemic racism has long denied people of color the privileges reserved for white Americans.

This must end, and every one of us has a role to play in removing racism from the fabric of our nation. The struggle can sometimes feel far away, but it’s not. It’s in our state, our local community, our homes, and likely – to some extent – inside us.

We must all work actively to bring an end to prejudice and the violence it feeds. Equality and justice are long overdue for black Americans, and there are countless other challenges facing this country that we will only overcome as a unified nation.

Bigelow Laboratory researchers are addressing issues of global importance that will shape the future health of our planet and our society. The world desperately needs the discoveries and solutions that science can provide. For that to happen, all scientists need a country that ensures everyone an equal chance to succeed, and doesn’t force them to use up their time and talent on the fight for basic rights.

We have scientists from around the United States and about a dozen other countries working here at any given time. Our laboratory is a welcoming place that celebrates diversity, but that is not enough. We must proactively work to dismantle systemic racism – within science and beyond. We are committed to taking actions that have real impact.

Supporting diversity is one of the core principles of the new strategic plan we launched in February. Moving forward, we will require implicit bias training of all staff to address unconscious stereotypes, and we will work with other nonprofits to provide support and resources that help serve underrepresented groups. Last week, staff launched an anti-racism group to discuss and define other concrete actions we can take in the future.

Let’s not fail yet another generation of black Americans – and all those impacted by systemic racism. We call on our supporters and neighbors to commit to taking action. We must do better, and we need everyone’s help to face the other challenges that lie ahead for our society and our planet.

Deborah Bronk
President and CEO,
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences