Bigelow Laboratory Awarded Highest Charity Navigator Rating


Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator, recently awarded Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences a 4-star rating, its top distinction. This is the first time Charity Navigator has evaluated the Laboratory’s business practices.

“As a nonprofit research institute, we rely on the public’s support and trust,” said Ben Twining, Bigelow Laboratory’s interim executive director. “This rating is a significant achievement that demonstrates our commitment to responsible and effective operations.”

Charity Navigator only awards the most fiscally responsible organizations, about 25 percent, a 4-star rating. Its evaluations are based on a mix of objective analysis of organizations’ governance and ethical practices as well as their overall accountability and transparency. Through these metrics, Charity Navigator reveals which organizations operate in accordance with best practices and demonstrate openness with donors and stakeholders.

“This recognition adds Bigelow Laboratory to a distinguished group of organizations working to overcome the world’s most pressing challenges,” Twining said. “Our donors make our work possible, and our responsible and transparent use of their philanthropic support is a vital component of our commitment to them.”